Issue 2 ZX Spectrum Variations

(By Will Woodvine)

Having a slightly technical bent, I like to own the different variations of each ZX Spectrum. Sometimes, however, each PCB can break into further variations. I think there are at least 8 of the Issue 2, as can be seen below.

From top left down:

  • Issue 2 with 5C102E ULA normally this ULA is found in the Issue 1 PCB, gives this variant the nickname ‘Issue 1.5’. SN of this one is 001-14xxx, second earliest known Issue 2.
  • Issue 2 with 5C112 ULA, resistor/diode mod
  • Issue 2 with 5C112-2 ULA, normal ‘spider’ TR6 mod
  • Issue 2 with 5C112E ULA – no logo, believed to be from the Philippines. All other ULA’s are UK made with logo. Date code places it between 5C112E-2 and 5C112E-3 changeover.

From top right down:

  • Issue 2 with 5C112-3 ULA
  • Issue 2 with L@@K R@RE/unusual 6C001E-5 ULA. This ULA is not mentioned in Chris Smith’s excellent book in the Spectrum ULA. Philippines manufactured ones also exist, again no logo. CPU repair sees TR6 move to the side of the CPU.
  • Issue 2 with 6C001E-6 ULA, very late Issue 2. ULA is Philippines made, you don’t see many UK made -6 ULA’s.
  • Issue 2 with 5C112E ULA, but TR6/Spider mod is implemented next to upper memory, not over the CPU – typical of ZX Spectrum’s manufactured by Datatech. This one is unusual being a factory made 48k. SN D01-004xxx
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