Promising Developments

It’s been a busy few weeks! Once I finally got my internet sorted at home (curse you, BT!), I was actually able to make some updates to the site.

Code Updates

A lot of the updates were behind the scenes, or things that only web developer geeks will appreciate (Google Analytics, caching and minifying, SSL, image smushing) but some things are actually interesting to normal humans, social stuff like embedded Facebook comments, sharing to social networks and added profile boxes to the bottom of people’s posts.

There are other things I’ve done to, that even web devs would find boring, so I won’t bother enlightening you.

People Updates

It’s been great to see the community grow so rapidly, and so many people contributing already. I’ve only really read the articles that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, but it’s lovely seeing other people’s points of view and opinions. Sometimes it can be scary making your voice heard. Brendan has done a great job with the techie articles, and I’m soon going to be getting Mark’s videos embedded as he’s made a couple of corkers recently. We have grown in number on our Facebook group as well – if you’re not yet involved, come and join us!

Update Updates

Got loads more stuff on the horizon, including a proper mobile site and more sources of content from partner sites, not just reviews and opinion pieces, but news as well. For a thirty-five-year-old machine, there’s so much going on.

See you soon!