Spectrum For Everyone – 4096 Member Free Raffle!

As we’ve hit another amazing milestone of 4096 members (following our long tradition of geekery), we’re announcing another FREE RAFFLE open to every member of Spectrum For Everyone. The process will be as follows:

  • There will be 200 tickets, distributed on on a first-come-first-served basis. This will ensure that ACTIVE members will be entered.
  • The raffle will be held on Friday 24th August at 9pm, by way of a pinned post. Entries will be made by commenting on that post with the message ‘I Love Spectrum For Everyone (plus your name in tag format).
    To tag yourself in a post, use the @ symbol, i.e. @Your Name. (Don’t worry if this tag doesn’t work – your name will suffice if not able.)
  • Strictly one entry per member, no admin entries allowed.
  • Any members who have blocked admin may not be counted.
  • When all the numbers are taken, a time for the live draw will be given. The number will be generated during a live stream using random.org.

The winner will receive a lovely rubber key Spectrum 48K housed in an amazing Retro Radionics chrome effect case, pictures of which may be seen below. The machine has been fully refurbished and is ready for many years of use, although given its appearance you may just want to display it. Completely up to the winner – and we’re including the original case if the winner wants the best of both worlds.

Spread the word far and wide!