Spectrum Sales Brochures

Here you can find .PDF versions of the sales brochures that Sinclair (and latterly Amstrad) produced for the ZX Spectrum, from the original rubber key model right through to the Spectrum +3.

We believe that there was a last brochure produced for the Sinclair +2A/+3 Action Packs, if anyone is possession of this please drop us a line!

Click the thumbnails to open the PDF of each brochure.


Original Spectrum 16/48K Brochure (1982)

Interface 2 Brochure (1983)

Spectrum Plus Brochure (1984)

Spectrum 128 Brochure (1986)

Spectrum Plus 2 Brochure (1986)

Spectrum Plus 3 Brochure (1986)


ZX Spectrum Software Catalogue – December 1982 Edition

ZX Interface 2 ROM Cartridge Software (1983)

ZX Spectrum Software Catalogue – June 1983 Edition

ZX Spectrum Software and Peripherals Catalogue – January 1984 Edition